Rad-hard multi-core optical fibre amplifier arrays

BEACON creates a unique opportunity for the design and development of multi-core amplification solutions for harsh environment and space applications. Within the project, a new family of rad-hard multi-core fibres will be fabricated fueling further development of advanced fibre-based passive components. A completely new technology base will be created for drawing advanced passive fibres as well as Erbium-doped active fibres based on photonic crystal technology. A series of new fibre components, such as multi-core to single-core converters and fan-outs, will be fabricated within the lifetime of the project, opening and accessing new developing markets within and beyond the space domain.

Optical fibre amplifiers with sub-linear scaling of cost, electrical power consumption and module footprint will be designed and fabricated based on patent pending technologies. The development involves a new generation of multi-core EDFAs with conventional single core interfaces that can be directly fed into standard single mode systems. The approach can support even/odd core numbers and relies on a proprietary pump distribution technique that in turns allows for arbitrary pump power into the EDF within the array.